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Why Outsource Managed Document Review?

It’s no secret that one of the largest cost components in litigation can be document review. With the ever-growing volume and complexity of data involved in each case, an in-house review can add time and costs that many clients simply cannot afford, and firms cannot staff appropriately. Partnering with a Managed Review company (or outsourcing) may alleviate some of this burden while providing exceptional value and quality.  

Firms may shy away from outsourcing document review for multiple reasons. It could be due to the complexity of a case, poor past experiences, quality concerns, or perceived risk involved with relinquishing control, resulting in copious amounts of re-work and the loss of precious time. An experienced eDiscovery company specializing in these services will streamline the review, ensure solid communication, and reduce costs and errors. In a world where technology is constantly changing, it makes sense to leverage experts instead of forcing an in-house team to figure it out while juggling other responsibilities.  

Cost Reduction 

The biggest headache for in-house review is finding the proper resources who have the time to dedicate to the project while keeping costs low for the end client. By using a trusted service provider, a firm can take advantage of optimized workflows performed by outsourced attorneys at a much lower price point than in-house associates. Firms are then able to pass these savings along to the end client, providing exceptional value.  

Scalable managed review solutions are available for cases of all sizes, allowing flexible staffing, training, pre-review work, quality control, project management, and document production all from one provider. Most firms do not have abundant resources with extensive experience in early case assessment, document analytics, or Technology Assisted Review (TAR), so partnering with a highly skilled provider allows firms to leverage specialized expertise, manage costs, and free up internal resources.  

Subject Matter Experts 

Besides being at a more budget-friendly price point, attorney reviewers may also bring expertise to a case. For example, Dauntless has many review attorneys on staff that are subject matter experts in various areas of law or industry. This expertise allows for quicker decisions to be made for each document and a more streamlined and efficient quality control process. 

Firms are empowered to take on more diverse cases with confidence when using a provider that employs licensed attorneys with varying backgrounds and skillsets. Subject matter experts can also make or break a budget. Your outsourced, highly skilled managed review team can be staffed with fewer people, and still get a far better result than hiring dozens of general reviewers from a staffing company. In the end, this keeps your review and quality control costs down. Plus, your attorneys will be free to handle other matters that cannot be outsourced. 


When you pair subject matter experts with technology assisted workflows, that is where you save real money. Performing Early Case Assessment reduces total document count right away and, subsequently, costs spent reviewing. Review teams can quickly find and produce responsive documents, while finishing the remaining data. Not only is the review faster, but the entire pretrial phase. Attacking a case with this two-pronged method can help deliver quality results, on a shorter timeline, with a smaller staff.  

Case Support  

The outsourced review process is an ongoing one, and when done correctly involves clear communication of what your team needs and what is delivered. This constant communication allows your team to stay current and change the process if needed. Working with a document review vendor should include a briefing on staffing, quality control procedures, and ongoing analytics on how the project is going. This also allows your team to budget for future cases based on your vendors’ documents reviewed per hour.  

Choosing a Service Provider  

No doubt about it, there are more than a few eDiscovery service providers that claim managed document review as one of their many services. With Dauntless, our managed review service is our primary focus around which all other services revolve. Our Project Managers and attorney review teams provide a comprehensive approach.  

Our document review processes may include First Level Review, Confidentiality Review, Privilege Review, Redaction Review, Sensitive Data Review, Foreign Language Review, Quality Control Review, and Project Management. By choosing a company with the knowledge and expertise of Dauntless, you can feel confident that your data, document review, and productions are in good hands.  

We understand law firms face challenges in creating a streamlined quality document review. At Dauntless Discovery, we focus on providing value at a price point both you and your client will love. We leverage innovative technology, along with established best practices and protocols to deliver the right work product, with your bottom line in mind.